Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Ok, we want a Solid Fuel Appliance but what size should we get ?
  • All inquiries will require an SFI engineer to visit you to survey the site of the proposed installation because no two sites are the same. He will help you assess the correct size and type of solid fuel appliance you should buy to fulfill your needs. Too big and it will not only look disproportionate but will make the space uncomfortably hot. Too small and it will fail to heat the room. Sounds obvious but there are specific calculations we use to maximise efficiency.
  • Where should we buy it from ?
  • You have a number of choices but there are several very important factors you should be aware of and we will discuss these with you during our visit. Wherever you buy it from however you MUST make sure it is CE compliant and we urge you to be cautious because there are a number of appliances on the market which are made abroad and which do NOT meet the strict CE standards. Our engineer will be happy to recommend several local HETAS approved suppliers whose appliances all meet CE standards.
  • Do we have to locate it in an existing fireplace ?
  • No not necessarily because unlike open fires a solid fuel appliance has its own flue which in some cases can be routed to suit your wishes.
  • Will our chimney be suitable for a solid fuel appliance ?
  • The answer is probably yes but you will need a flue liner which is a twin wall, stainless steel flexible hose that runs up your chimney terminating in a fixed plate to ensure that all the exhaust gases are safely expelled, it may also be necessary to install a chimney pot dependant upon the existing layout of your property
  • How long will it take to install ?
  • As you would expect most of the work is carried out indoors, we do however need to go up on your roof to install the flue liner and possibly fit a chimney pot so although it usually only takes us a day to finish and commission a solid fuel appliance it can sometimes take a bit longer because of the weather.
  • Can I burn anything in it ?
  • No. It is essential that you only burn the fuel specified by the appliance manufacturer. Some appliances are only suitable for wood (and even then only certain types of wood) others are termed “multi fuel” and even with these you can damage the flue liner if the wrong fuel is used. SFI can advise you which varieties of fuel are suitable and also the most efficient as they all have different calorific values.
  • Will I need my chimney swept ?
  • Yes. You must have your chimney professionally swept BEFORE we start the installation and then again TWICE annually thereafter. This maintenance programme not only clears the flue liner of debris accumulated through use but optimises the efficiency of the appliance.
  • How much will it cost to fit ?
  • Unfortunately there is no flat rate because each installation is unique and will require us to survey the proposed site and discuss the entire scope of work with you but you should budget for about £500 plus materials.