Solid Fuel Installation is a Mid Devon based firm of qualified specialist installers who are accredited by HETAS specifically for the installing and servicing of wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, log burning stoves and solid fuel stoves, cookers and chimney lining, flue pipe kits, liners and fire accessories supplied for an installation are all HETAS Approved.

Welcome to the Solid Fuel Installation website. Here we have tried hard to put ourselves in your shoes. All too often websites fail to engage with their visitors because they either baffle them with technical data and statistics or the authors take for granted that their readers are fully aware of all the complexities of a specific subject.

These two errors frequently lead to poor communications and hence cause problems for both parties in the future. What we'd like to do is to explain to you many of the pitfalls which our customers may face when deciding to install a solid fuel appliance. In this way we ensure that you have most of the answers we think you will need before you start. Solid Fuel Burners

The first point to mention is that we keep referring to “solid fuel appliances”. We do this because many people use the term “logburner” which, apart from being technically incorrect, could greatly affect the decisions you make about what you actually want and what either your installation engineers like SFI or your supplier THINK you want.

Types of "Solid Fuel Appliance"

There are two main types of “solid fuel appliance” one is a wood burner and the other a multi fuel burner. The regulations governing their installation are the same but you first need to decide which of these two you really want. If you are uncertain then your SFI engineer will be happy to discuss the differences with you to help you make an informed decision.

We would far rather you ask us a question, no matter how stupid you might think it seems, than not to ask and for you to be dissatisfied with the end result.

Using a HETAS registered installer can save time and money; and they will ensure your heating appliance works safely and efficiently.

As we proceed you will be amazed at just how bureaucratic the road to solid fuel appliance installation can be but as HETAS registered engineers we will guide you through all the requirements and guarantee that your installation correctly meets the compulsory standards.

So, let's start with the acronym HETAS

HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing & Approval Scheme) is the registered body specifically for businesses and engineers involved in the installation and maintenance of solid fuel appliances.

Similar to GasSafe and Corgi who ensure that all gas fitters are suitably competent to complete safe installations, HETAS exists to regulate the solid fuel appliance sector providing consumers with quality assurance and guarantees. HETAS engineers are insured to work in your home so always ask to see their identity card BEFORE they start the job.

Your SFI HETAS registered engineer will also be able to advise you on fuel quality, carbon monoxide alarms, smoke control zones and chimney sweeping.